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Migration now and then - Greeks in Germany

Elena Marda connects the "old" migration of the 1960s to the recent developments, where thousands of young and well-educated Greeks leave their home-country hoping to find a better future.

Der Nationale Aktionsplan verdient seinen Namen nicht

Am 31. Januar 2012 haben Kanzlerin Merkel und Staatsministerin Böhmer wieder zu einem ihrer symbolischen Kaffeekränzchen eingeladen, um dem In- und Ausland zu vermitteln, sie setzten sich für die Belange von EinwanderInnen ein. 

Migration of Polish nationals in the view of labour market restrictions

Agnieszka Fihel analyses the trajectories of Polish migration to Western Europe finding that host countries determine their share of migrants with their immigration policy regulations. Also, reversed migration due to the global financial crisis depends on the economic situation of the host country.

The Highly-Skilled as a 'Renewable Resource'

Gervais Appave defines labour migrants as a 'resource' that must be treated delicately. He ascribes the increase in human mobility to the deliberate decision by the EU choosing economic growth as the primary policy goal.

Dimensions of Highly- Skilled Labour Migration

Ibrahim Awad, highlights that also medium and low skilled labour is in demand. Europe's multiple unintegrated labour markets complicate migration, with the Blue Card providing only little relief.