Positive Maßnahmen – Von Antidiskriminierung zu Diversity

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Positive Action in the United Kingdom

This paper by Uduak Archibong and Fahmida Ashraf provides an overview of the laws regulating positive action in the UK. It also presents key findings from a selection of research studies on positive action in the UK conducted between 2003 and 2009 by the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Bradford, and provides examples of positive action drawn from these studies.

Antidiskriminierung und Positive Maßnahmen in Frankreich

Carsten Keller, Ingrid Tucci und Ariane Jossin erläutern die Besonderheiten der französischen Antidiskriminierungspolitik und beleuchten die Erfolge und Defizite durchgeführten Maßnahmen insbesondere im Bereich der Bildung und Stadtentwicklung.

Active measures in Sweden – in theory and in practice

Sweden needs to more thoroughly evaluate related measures for the promotion of equality. Their implementation needs to examine the introduction of sanctions / incentives into mainstreaming of various types – Paul Lappalainen, Yamam Al-Zubaidi and Paula Jonsson conclude.