RE:UNION - A Documentary about the changing face of Europe

RE:Union - A Documentary about the Changing Face of Europe


Europe is on the move. Younger generations of Europeans, especially those with high skills and high ambitions, are striving for a bright future. We want to explore the meanings of this new migration movement.

Factbox: Free Movement - EU Citizens

Following Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union EU citizens are entitled to:

  • look for a job in another EU country   
  • work there without needing a work permit
  • reside there for that purpose
  • stay there even after employment has finished
  • enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social and tax advantages




Interview with director Gabriel Tzafka about the film project "Re:Union"

Factbox: Immigration to Germany after the Crisis

There was an increase of immigration from EU states towards Germany who struggled with the financial crisis:

  • Greece 41,7% (+10.547)
  • Italy 37,2% (+12.224) and
  • Spain 33,9% (+9.543)


Director's Note


A frightening number of young people from Southern Europe move to the North. Is this movement from Southern to Northern Europe the beginning of a new chapter in European history?

The Protagonists


Susana Cortés talks about her experiences living in London.


Lawyer Efi Kalogeraki talks about dreams and feelings she has as a migrant in Europe.


The artist Jose Fernandez about his migration from Spain to the UK.


Kevin about his visions for the European Union in this interview.

Weiterführende Informationen

Ein Dossier über den Unterschied zwischen Integrationsforderung und Willkommenskultur, die Entwicklung der deutschen und europäischen Arbeitsmigrationspolitik und die Frage, wie man Migrations- und Entwicklungspolitik sinnvoll verbindet.

Vor dem Hintergrund der Krise in Europa, beschäftigt sich das Dossier mit den Zwischenräumen der griechischen Migrationen in und nach Deutschland.

Im April 2012 trat auf Bundesebene das Gesetzespaket "zur Verbesserung der Feststellung und Anerkennung im Ausland erworbener Berufsqualifikationen", auch "Anerkennungsgesetz" genannt, in Kraft. Was heißt "ausländisch"? Was heißt "Berufsqualifikation"? Ilka Sommer widmet sich diesen Fragen und stellt den Zusammenhang zwischen Anerkennung und Verkennung heraus.