What's Afghan Punk Rock, Anyway?

Illustration by ggggrimes

With the magazine ‘What’s Afghan Punk Rock, anyway?’ creator Armeghan Taheri and the contributors are hoping to reflect storytelling that is powerful, yet vulnerable and truthful – a place to embrace the full complex humanity unapologetically, as a way of resistance.

In addition, it is an attempt to create a community space through speaking out loud collective frustrations and nuances of intersectional experience as a starting point to a wider platform of solidarity. The magazine was launched in December 2018.

"A print magazine was the closest we could get to a somewhat safe and intentional space. Not only is there no nasty comment section, but also it will hopefully end up in the hands of those who really want to hear our stories. We received worldwide submissions – heavy, sad, hilarious, bold. From poetry, comics, essays to a sci-fi story told by brilliant souls."

You can purchase the magazine here: https://afghanpunkrock.bigcartel.com