CONFERENCE Mobility and Inclusion - Highly-skilled Labour Migration in Europe


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Day 1  Thursday, 18 February 2010        

9.30 h Registration/Arrival/Coffee

10.30 h Opening remarks 

11.00 h Keynote speech

  • Mobile Labour Markets. The Effect of Globalization: Trends and Perspectives
    Gervais Appave, Special Policy Advisor to the Director General, International Organization for Migration, Geneva

Follow-up discussion
11.45 h Keynote speech

  • Migration - Integration - Innovation. Demands and Perspectives of Europe’s Labour Market
    Prof. Klaus F. Zimmermann, President, German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin

  Follow-up discussion
12.30 h Coffee break

12.45 h Keynote speech

Follow-up discussion

13.30 h Lunch

14.30 h Presentation of the Discussion Paper of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung

15.15 h Key Labour Migration Characteristics and Policy Options for Different Destinations

        Presentation 1 

16.00 h Coffee break

16.15 h  Presentation 2 

17.00 h  Presentation 3 

18.00 h Poetry & Performance: Zena Edwards, London

19.00 h  Reception

Day 2  Friday, 19 February 2010

9.30 h  Registration/Coffee

10.00 h Keynote Speech 

10.30 h Follow-up discussion

11.00 h Roundtable discussions

Roundtable I Innovation - Growth - Welfare System

  • Is high-skilled labour migration a right tool for innovation and growth?
  • Contribution to the sustainability of social security systems in the EU?
  • Recognition of qualifications and recruitment schemes
  • Pressure on welfare system?


  • Jeanne Batalova, Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.
  • Dr. Hans Dietrich von Loeffelholz, Head of Section, Chief Economist, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Nürnberg
  • Anne Britt Djuve, Research Director, Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research, Oslo
  • Prof. Herbert Brücker, Senior Researcher, Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nürnberg

Chair: Shams Asadi, Chair of Economic Migration Group, EUROCITIES, City of Vienna

Roundtable II East to West European Migration

  • Effects of ENP on integration of East European countries in the EU labour market?
  • What are the jobs for Eastern European migrants?
  • What are the consequences for the sending countries?
  • Trends from sending to destination countries        


  • Prof. Jane Hardy,
  • University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield 
  • Elmar Hönekopp, Senior Researcher, Nürnberg, Presentation Bild entfernt.
  • Martin Kahanec, Senior Research Associate and Deputy Program Director of the Migration Program Area, Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA), Bonn, Presentation Bild entfernt.
  • Jan Kust, Head of Unit, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Prague

    Chair: Dr. Carola Burkert, Senior Researcher, Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Frankfurt, Introduction Bild entfernt.

Roundtable III Cooperation, Coherence, Protectionism? Labour Migration Policies in Europe

  • Coherent policy strategies vs. unilateral policy approaches?
  • Benefits and risks of protectionism in Europe’s labour markets?
  • Ensuring sustainability of supply of talents
  • Effects of brain drain and demographic shifts


  • Irina de Sancho Alonso, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Brussels
  • Thomas Liebig, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD, Paris 
  • Egbert Holthuis, Deputy Head of Unit, European Employment Strategy, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Brussels

Chair: Roderick Parkes, Head of Brussels Office, German Institute for International and Security Affairs

13.30 h Lunch

14.45 h Music: “Komus” by Bahtiyar Edilbekov, Berlin

15.00  Panel Discussion

Battle for the Talents in Times of Labour Market Protectionism?

  • A new policy trend after the EU Elections?
  • Labour market protectionism as an effect of the financial crisis?
  • Policies on national level vs. EU policies ?
  • EU Blue card developments?


  • Dr. Ibrahim Awad, Director of the International Migration Programme, ILO, Geneva
  • Ryszard Cholewinski, Senior Migration Policy and Research Specialist, Migration Policy and Research Department, International Organization for Migration, Geneva Presentation, Presentation Bild entfernt.
  • Prof. Dietrich Thränhardt, Professor Emeritus, University of Münster, Münster

Chair: Jan Niessen, Director, Migration Policy Group, Brussels

16.30 h  Closure


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Mobility and Inclusion - Highly-skilled Labour Migration in Europe
International Conference, Berlin, 18 - 19 February 2010 (weiter)

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