"Sediment": Visual poetry by Bibizizi

The artist Bibizizi takes an artistic approach to the concept of cultural identity based on her own lifestory. Here she shares some of her beautiful illustrations, accompanied by a storyline written in collaboration with Héloïse Pocry.

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About the project

In summer 2017, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation asked three female illustrators to take an artistic approach to the concept of cultural identity based on their own lifestories, with the aim of creating a discussion space for each of the artists’ responses to the concept of Identity.  Cultural identities and identity groups are components of social coexistence; they are meant to constantly evolve. They dissolve over time, can be reproduced, and be created anew. They are shaped by different lifestyles, experiences and stories. Only one thing is certain: identities are not stable. They change during the course of a lifetime, and sometimes during the course of one single experience. Consequently, cultural identities reveal—through relevance in both modern and postmodern contexts--the importance and benefits of development and support for intercultural social relations.

Bibizizi arranges her works for the exhibition "Atelier Identity"

About the artist

Since completing her Architectural Studies degree in Switzerland, Bibizizi has been working as a storyteller and illustrator in Lausanne. With a critical approach to Stereotyping, Bibizizi’s main focus is geographic socialization. Born in Istanbul and raised in Moscow, Tehran and Geneve, she currently resides and works as an artist in Lausanne. Her works were also part of the exhibition "Atelier Identity". In collaboration with Héloïse Pocry the artist Bibizizi added a storyline to her images.