"I feel like I have been expelled."

Jose Fernandez, still from the documentary "Re:Union"
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Jose Fernandez, still from the documentary "Re:Union"

Bild entfernt.Please tell us about yourself: what is your name, how old are you, where do you come from, what is your professional background?

My name is Jose Fernandez. I am 28 years old. I was born in Sevilla but I grew up in Madrid. I have studied History of Art and I have a Master Degree in Cultural Management. I would like to become a Curator and organise artistic exhibitions.

Bild entfernt.Where are you living now, why did you decide to go there and what are you doing there?

Now I am living in London since last October. I came because I could not find a job in Spain. Besides I wanted to leave my parents’ house and live with my girlfriend, Susana. Here in London I am working in a restaurant and in my spare time I am organising an exhibition with some young artists that I met here.

Bild entfernt.How do you feel about being a migrant in Europe?

I feel quite bitter. I have always wanted to live abroad for some years because I wanted to live that experience. However I feel like I have been expelled.

Bild entfernt.Were your hopes and dreams fulfilled?

Not yet, but I believe that in this country I have more opportunities to develop myself and reach my goals.

Bild entfernt. What are the Pros and Cons of living in a different European country?

The only big con is that I have to leave my family and friends and I am missing some important events of their lives. On the other hand, in the UK I feel more independent and I have opportunities and the capacity to choose how I want to live.

Bild entfernt.What are your visions for the European Union?

Belonging to a member state of the European Union makes mobility possible and allows us to compete in a broader labor market. However, I think the countries of the Mediterranean area, like Spain, Greece or Portugal are underrepresented when making decisions for the entire European Union.


The interview was conducted by Julia Brilling in June 2014