RE:UNION – A documentary about the changing face of Europe

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Filmstill, RE:UNION

While Southern Europe is struggling to find its way out of the current financial crisis, its well-educated and qualified youth seek refuge to the Central and Northern European capitals. This movement from the South to the North has reached the level of a massive migration wave draining the South from its most valuable population group and altering the demographic map of Europe. At a first glance the question of brain drain versus brain grain comes to the surface and requires to be taken into consideration. Taking one step back adopting a birds-eye view we realize that Europe is changing and its new face is slowly acquiring its form. RE:Union is not just another documentary about emigrants: it is a documentary about the changing face of Europe, an effort to capture the change at the moment of its evolution under the echo of a lost generation. Through the eyes of these young emigrants, their stories, their experiences, their interaction with the local societies of the countries destination we will trace the changing sociopolitical reality of Europe. Their gaze is pure and objective they carry no memories or attachment of the societies in which they try to become integrated. We follow four young emigrants from each one of the Southern European countries (Spain, Greece and Italy) in a different capital of Central and Northern Europe such as Berlin, London and Copenhagen. Each one of them will be in a different stage of emigration and integration. Their stories are divided between their past and their present and this will permit us to travel between the South and the North, echo images from their hometowns and mirror the societies of their city destinations. The choice of the European capitals is not random; these cities have been traditional receptors of emigrants constituting economic, scientific, artistic and political centers. The stories of the emigrants, the cities- destination are the pieces of time and space the puzzle and by uniting them we depict the changing face of Europe.