"I already feel like home."

Susana Cortés, still from the documentary "Re:Union"
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Susana Cortés, still from the documentary "Re:Union"

Bild entfernt. Please tell us about yourself: what is your name, how old are you, where do you come from, what is your professional background?

I’m Susana, I’m 26 and I come from Madrid, Spain. I studied Art History and have a master degree in Cultural Management. I’m trying to develop my professional career in arts education.

Bild entfernt. Where are you living now, why did you decide to go there and what are you doing there?

Since October 2013 I’m living in London and I came with an intern position at the Cervantes Institute in London, I decided to stay because London has a cultural background that I want to know better and also learn how to manage art&culture in a different and successful way. UK is an example in the cultural field and I wanted to be part of it.

Bild entfernt.How do you feel about being a migrant in Europe?

I actually like it, I always wanted to live abroad and experience different ways of life. It is also important for me to know what is being done in the cultural field in other countries so I can learn more. I’ve felt very welcomed since we arrived even if the first months in London are always hard for everyone. I already feel like home.

Bild entfernt.Were your hopes and dreams fulfilled?

Not all of them but at least London gives me the opportunity to reach them, in Spain it wouldn’t be possible at the time being.

Bild entfernt. What are the Pros and Cons of living in a different European country?

Pros: new language, new experiences, no family, constant learning, adventure, reinforce your values and makes your stronger. Cons: no family, not easy to make new friends, high prices, shared accommodation, worst weather, everything seems to be harder as you are not fluent in the language

Bild entfernt. What are your visions for the European Union?

It’s great to have the opportunity to spend all the time I want in any of the European countries without worrying about the visa…etc. Also the possibilities for the EU citizens are splendid.


The interview was conducted by Julia Brilling in June 2014